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I was Really hoping ...

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Color and collage by D.K. Spencer (floating astronaut wix image)
LOST in TRANSLATION - Color and Collage by D,K. Spencer

Yes, well. I was really hoping this year would be different. Normal different, not the different, different it has been for the last two years. Everyone can agree on this, I have no doubt.

Yes, I have been absent. I'm aware of this. I've been busily producing the Audible edition of Songs of the Etonic, due out in the next couple of weeks. I found a great voice for the story, who also provides the vocals for the "songs" in my tonic. Get it? songs in my tonic, Songs of the Etonic?

Ha, I crack myself up.

Narrator Willie T. Robinson acts out the story, adding depth and dimension, creating what sounds like an old radio sci-fi serial. He's been a pleasure to work with on the project.

Look for the Audible edition coming out very soon.

Black Hole Discoveries and Breakthroughs for 2021

In case you've missed some of the greatest sciency-not-so-fiction news of 2021. Here's a brief rundown.

Polarization of Light around a Black Hole

You may have missed the first black hole to ever have it's photograph taken (that we know of) April 2019, BC (Before Covid). Utilizing the Event Horizon Telescope, a team of scientists captured an image providing physical evidence of a black hole that until then was only a theory.

This year astronomers using the same Event Horizon Telescope, captured polarizing light around the rim of the black hole allowing them to see the structure of magnetic fields that would otherwise be unknown to us.

Each piece of new information helps us formulate a better, more accurate picture of the place where we live and our position in it. You see this black hole is (actually there are two) at the center of our Milky Way. To put this into context, the fore mentioned black hole is only 250 quadrillion kilometers from earth. That's not so hard to imagine, now is it? We all have a vague idea of how far the Sun and the Moon are away from us, right?

So let's take the moon, at 400,000 kilometers from the earth. This means there are 625 trillion moon trips (one way) to our black hole before we fall into the abyss. No good?

The Sun is at 150 million kilometers (the James Webb Telescope is 1.5 million kilometers from Earth) meaning we only need 1.67 trillion Sun trips to sit at the black hole rim.

But wait. There are only 1.1 trillion Mars trips away to the restaurant at the black hole edge. Jupiter? 420 million

Jupiter trips to the event horizon of our nearest bone crushing black hole.

Neptune? 58 million Neptonic trips to venture until what only a couple of years ago was just a theory.

That's not so far away!

Interesting Black Hole Facts

Fun in the Sun

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