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Past. Present. Future.

Written Works of D.K. Spencer

Imagination Run Wild



K.C. Finn, Readers' Favorite
"D.K. Spencer has crafted a sharp story … an homage to the sci-fi masters ... excellent plot twists and danger."

Five Stars!    A Delightful, Nuanced Sci-Fi Novella

Verified Purchase  Reviewed February 19, 2022

Posing as a straight-ahead sci-fi tale, Songs of the Etonic has a swashbuckling sense of fun with a gritty underbelly. In the 60s, there was a promise of flying cars and a bright, shiny a way, this story hits closer to home, with an engineering team that is more akin to coal stokers on a steamship. There are parallels to current politics, culture, and changing gender roles, and even questions about crew member's motivations.

The author packs a lot of goodness into 47 pages, and the book will appeal to young readers as well as adults who are looking for a fun, multi-layered diversion. Highly recommended.

Five Stars!


D.K. Spencer ... has written a fast-paced, entertaining, and intriguing story ... thrilling and highly creative ... humor, unexpected events ... kaleidoscoping ... well-designed ... not to be missed. Very well done and highly recommended!

             -Bruce Miller of

Four Stars!    Retro Sci-Fi

AudioBookReviewer Reviewed March 2, 2022,  Audiobook provided by the author for non-bias, honest review.

D.K. Spencer, the author captures the enthusiasm and earlier hopes of interstellar space travel. The characters are rich and vividly described. The dialog is realistic keeping the flow of the story smooth. The songs sung by the crew are intricately woven into the story and reflect the action of the scene.

The narrator, Willie T. Robinson gives a clever performance. Narrated much as one would hear in a vintage space program/film, Robinson’s tone and unique voice for each character are reflective of that time. His performance was flawless.


Worlds | Dark Drabbles #1

A Black Hare Press Anthology


  • The Crown of Pheaton

  • They Read Our Minds

  • Infinite Reality

  • No Really, We're Fine!



Publication Year: 2019

Stories of new worlds, new creatures... alien snackcidents, evil planets... alien autopsies, and much, much more...

The Crown of Pheaton

By D.K. Spencer

Mesmerized in our discovery of them, their defenses quickly became apparent. Their abilities were beyond our wildest dreams, literally using our wildest dreams against us. ...READ MORE

What miracles can one hundred debut

& bestselling authors do with100 words?

Apocolypes | Dark Drabbles #6

A Black Hare Press Anthology


  • Prophecy Tree Hundred and Two

  • The Big One

Screen Shot 2021-09-28 at 9.05.02 PM.png

Publication Year: 2019

A post-apocalyptic adventure of tiny proportions. Venture into the unknown, into a time when society has broken down and every man, woman and child (and the odd monster or alien) must fight for themselves.

The Big One

By D.K. Spencer

On one crisp, autumn morning of 2027, the day is unseasonably windy. Plastic bags swirl in the urban eddies and leaves blow across the cobblestone streets of downtown Seattle, in cascading waves of color. ...READ MORE

What miracles can one hundred debut

and bestselling authors do with 100 words?

Goodreads Book


    A starship that runs on molten uranium? ...Roger that.

    A boisterous crew?


    A Theremin? A Jacobs Ladder? 


What else will Cal find on the Etonic?




First Edition 2021

Available in Paperback, Hardcover eBook, and Audiobook

60 Pages

by D. K.




March 31, 2022

Songs of the Etonic
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