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Written Works of D.K. Spencer

Imagination Run Wild

Coming this November!


First Edition 2021

Available in Paperback, eBook, and Audiobook

58 Pages

Songs of the Etonic

By D. K. Spencer



A starship that runs on molten uranium?


...Roger that.

A boisterous crew?


A Theremin?

A Jacobs Ladder?



What else will Cal find on this twenty-seven month deep-space voyage?

Fresh out of the Academy, Cal must learn to fly this antiquated, interstellar space freighter with a much older, multi-racial crew. More of a flying science fiction museum than an intergalactic starship, the space rocket looks like  a crusty, old barge floating down the Willamette. Mostly a series of rusty, old pipes and barrels piled together with a nose cone on top, it’s rocketing toward the planet Ancanthus.


“They can’t possibly fly this way,” says Cal. “We moved past blast-furnace propulsion half a century ago!”


When the chief engineer discovers sabotage of the Thermatron reactor, he risks his life to save the ship. Can he stop a core meltdown? Will the crew survive to carry on their mission? How will Cal preform under pressure, being the “new kid” on “this old bucket of andirons?


And what are the Songs of the Etonic?


Pick up this weirdly fun space adventure to find out!

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